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Vegan Pho launches in Seoul this Saturday

We finally did it! The HAE team has been hoping for a vegan pho option in Seoul for ages now and now we have it. Nara Lee, the owner of Banh Mi Lee, a Vietnamese restaurant in Haebangchon has been working hard on his vegan pho recipe for months. A few weeks ago, he invited us to sample it and you can probably tell by our faces how impressed we were. That was all the incentive we needed to rush to create the forth Vegan Dining event, Vietnamese edition!

Sampling the vegan pho for the first time
[L-R] Shuttle Delivery’s Mark Boesch, HAE’s Marie Frenette, Banh Mi Lee’s Nara Lee and HAE’s Helen Gi

The event will be the official launch of vegan pho on the Banh Mi Lee menu. The set menu is only available this Saturday and includes summer rolls, a big bowl of pho and dessert. No, I wasn’t just going to just skip over the dessert description. We have artisan ice cream makers Fell and Cole making us a special vegan coconut ice cream that will be served with fried bananas. Are you excited yet? Here is some more info below:

For more info, you can click the Facebook event link or you can sign up directly in English here or Korean here. See you there!

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