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Vegan Life Research Center Supports Consumers, Startups

A new organization is making life much easier for consumers of vegan products and entrepreneurs looking to get started in the space. The mission of the Vegan Life Research Center (비건생활연구소) is to learn and share information about new products and various aspects of life with shoppers reducing or eliminating animal products from their lifestyle. To accomplish this, they have launched these two helpful new initiatives. Read on to learn more!

Vegan Help Chat Service (Korean and English support available)

The first initiative just launched is a chat-based help service for information on vegan products. The main service is available on Kakao Talk, the Korean messenger app. They also have a presence on Facebook and do respond to messages on messenger, although there may be a delay.
Hours of operation: Monday-Saturday 9:00 am-6:00 pm

Kakao Talk

Step 1) Download and install KakaoTalk.
Step 2) Add the research center “비건생활연구소” as a Plus Friend by clicking on the link and pressing add friend “친구추가.”
Step 3) Take a photo of the front and back of the product in question and send it.

Facebook Messenger

If you prefer to use Facebook, you can find @veganlife.korea on either Facebook or Messenger.

Vegan Startup Education Series (Korean language ability required)

Another initiative they offer is the ‘Why Vegan’ education series. It is the first step in their effort to support and inspire vegan entrepreneurs. The program is free and 200 people will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

Part one: Veganism in modern society [현대사회 속의 비건]
Part two: Doing business as a vegan [비건으로 사업하기]
Part three: Vegan Life Conference [비건 생활 간담회]

When: 2-4 pm , March 31, 2019
Where: Seoul Startup Hub 10th floor (서울창업허브) Outside exit 2 of Gongdeok Station Line 6
To apply: Complete the form at

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