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Team HAE tries Lotteria’s new 100% Plant-based Burger

You may remember a post a few months ago about Lotteria testing it’s Miracle Burger in a few select areas of Seoul, Korea. The news of the trial run was really exciting but the news soon came out that, although the patty was 100% plant-based, the sauce and buns were not. But the good news is that less than one year later, Lotteria has put the Miracle Burger on their menu in all regular stores across the country, making it one of the most convenient and affordable plant-based options out there. Seoul and Busan have some vegan-friendly neighborhoods but if you are outside those areas, having a place like Lotteria to rely on in a jam is great progress.

We decided this time that it is better to show you rather than tell you, so Helen, Ilsoo and myself ventured over to Lotteria to check it out ourselves. Check out the video below:

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