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How Reducetarians Are Making a Big Impact

We hear a lot these days about the global rise of veganism. What is surprising to learn is that the majority of people who consume vegan products are not actually vegan. These people are sometimes referred to as reducetarians, a term coined by Brian Kateman and the folks over at They define reducetarians as “people who are committed to eating less meat – red meat, poultry, and seafood – as well as less dairy and fewer eggs”.

While some may interpret reducetarianism as the cooptation of the vegan movement, there are many who celebrate it. One of those people is Tobias Leenaert, aka The Vegan Strategist. In the Beyond Carnism video below, Tobias explains how reducetarians have turned the tiny vegan market into a huge, lucrative market that industry just can’t ignore. The result? Far more vegan products for all of us to enjoy. That also translates into fewer animals slaughtered, less environmental damage and better human health. Not bad, huh? Watch Tobias explain in more detail below:

Photo: Vegan Korean food at Seoul’s Osaegyehyang Restaurant

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