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CU Convenience Store to offer Vegan Options [Updated]

According to this article by Yonhap News, the Korean convenience store CU will begin offering a 100% plant-based fast-food series for its customers tomorrow (Nov 5, 2019). This will be the first time that a Korean convenience store intentionally offers vegan grab and go options. These items will begin making an appearance in convenience stores starting from this date in Seoul and Gyeongi Province. Where visible demand exists stores may automatically stock them, but if you don’t see them near you, please ask the clerk as you can have them ordered and showing that demand exists could encourage them to stock them regularly.

The Digital Times explains that the offerings will include a pasta lunchbox with penne and a side of steamed squash and chickpeas for 3200 won, a burger with a plant-based patty, tomato, cabbage in a completely vegan bun and sauce for 2700 won, and kimbap rice roll made with sesame rice and plant-based ham and bean curd for 2500 won. The items will be priced competitively with the other grab and go items already on offer.

New vegan meals from CU convenience store
[Photo credit: BGF Retail through Yonhap News]

Revised Nov 5th, 2019 to reflect more accurate rollout and menu price information.

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  1. Céline Céline November 5, 2019

    Absolutely thrilled about this news!

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