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CEVA Training Date Set for Seoul

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Ever wonder about the best way to communicate effectively with others, especially when it comes to veganism? We do too! That is why we are thrilled to announce that two of our heroes, Dr. Melanie Joy, author of How to Create a Vegan World> will be in Seoul early next year to deliver their two-day weekend CEVA training session.

Tobias and Melanie conducting CEVA training in Ghent, Belgium in 2017
Photo Credit to Yana Broeckx.

CEVA stands for Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy and was founded just three years ago in 2016.   In such a short time, Melanie and Tobias have brought people together in cities all over the world and teach them how to communicate more effectively and become better leaders too.

260 attendees took part in CEVA Training in Sao Paolo, Brazil in May 2019
Photo credit: unknown

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