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Berlin Nights in Seoul with Dr. Motte, Vegan Currywurst

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall but it’s true. And to celebrate Berlin Nights will be running a whole lineup of cultural events in some really unique venues every evening from November 7-10th. One particular highlight is the creator of Love Parade, Dr. Motte.

Don’t get me wrong, the lineup is world-class and there will be plenty of parties, art, and exhibitions but at the risk of looking a little one-track-minded, I gotta say I am also very excited about the fact that they are offering a vegan Beyond Sausage currywurst. If having fun while commemorating this important historical event and eating sustainable food sounds exciting to you, join us! The HAE team will be at the Berlin Nights opening to support our co-founder Helen, who helped make this event happen. Find out more by visiting the event page.

Update: Here is a video from the event:

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